Allison Holker And tWitch's Wedding Was The Most "So You Think You Can Dance" Thing That Ever Happened

    I think we can all agree that these two are America's favorite dancers.

    So You Think You Can Dance alums Allison Holker and tWitch Boss got married a couple weeks ago.

    And if you thought the proposal was cute...

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    You won't even be able to handle their dance-crazed reception.

    Season 2 contestant Allison Holker walked down this staircase and it was beautiful.

    And tWitch was sobbing when she walked down the aisle.

    Their winery sunset wedding was basically perfect.

    They took the most gorgeous pictures together.

    The bridesmaids went all Harry Potter with wands.

    And the groomsmen revealed their secret identities.

    Which, by the way, looks quite familiar.

    Travis Wall showed up in a veil and everything was wonderful.

    The couple's first dance was to Adele's "One and Only."

    And they went crazy pretty much every time a song came on.

    Glee's Harry Shum was there and he got a video of Season 4's Comfort dancing to Soulja Boy.

    And it was awesome, obviously.

    Travis Wall took over the dance floor.

    And then slid down into a split because do you honestly expect anything less??

    Season 8 winner Melanie Moore was there.

    And she looked adorable as usual.

    Popper/animator Cyrus was also in attendance.

    And the man himself, Nigel Lythgoe!

    Joshua Allen and Courtney Galiano got silly with this MJ number.

    And then Courtney REALLY got down.

    Allison and tWitch danced with this little girl and it was super cute.

    It was basically the best wedding ever and the most SYTYCD thing that ever happened.

    Congrats to the dancing newlyweds!