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27 Things Advertising People Know To Be True

Please find a full list below. Let's circle back when you're done reading.

1. Everyone hates status meetings.

The clients, the creatives, the account team. EVERYONE.

2. When it's eerily quiet on the line, you know the other callers are talking shit on mute.

Arielle Calderon

We all do it.

3. And as soon as you get off the phone, you do this so you can chat about all the stupid stuff said on the call.

Arielle Calderon

4. You see these buzzwords in emails almost every day.

5. Meeting invites are the bane of your existence.

6. Eating lunch at your desk is an everyday occurrence.

Maybe unless you're having a good-bye lunch.

7. Clients always want the logo to be BIGGER.

Arielle Calderon

8. Pitching new business means you'll lose sleep and your sanity.

9. Seeing QR codes in impractical places makes you shake your head.

Does anyone NOT in the ad industry even know what this is?

10. Great company culture includes a whole lot of weird.

11. And leisurely activities.

12. And an abundance of alcohol.

13. There's a ton of odd décor at the agency, and that's the way you like it.

14. You work a ridiculous amount of hours and leaving by 6 p.m. is considered a miracle.

15. And mistaking Thursday for Friday is the absolute worst.

You just want to LEAVE.

16. People are always late for meetings.

Except maybe AAEs.

17. The client will never approve your creative the first time around.

And if they do, that's a goddamn miracle. Have a beer.

18. When someone is "out sick," they're most likely interviewing for a job.

19. Because the best way to get a raise is to jump agencies.

20. Your non-advertising friends always assume this is your life.

21. And every department has its stereotypes.

Arielle Calderon

22. The holiday party is the biggest shitshow of the year.

23. You appreciate your client significantly more when they send you free food.

24. Filling out time sheets might be the worst activity you do at work.

A job number for every client and every little project.

25. Besides building a deck.

26. The client ALWAYS changes their mind.

Imagine Television/ via: Arielle Calderon
Imagine Television/ via: Arielle Calderon

27. And this is you every time you get off work.