32 Ways To Show Banana Haters The Light

Bananas are good for you and they make everything delicious. Get on board the banana wagon!

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Fact: Everything made with bananas tastes amazing. They make your smoothies thicker, your desserts and breads richer AND healthier, and they're a great source of potassium, which makes you a superhuman. See the recipes below for proof.

The combo of caramel and banana is undeniably good. Find the recipe here.

Piles and piles of roasted bananas. Get the recipe here.

This healthy ice cream is magical because it only requires two ingredients! Find the recipe here.

The nut-looking topping on the doughnuts is actually chopped banana. Get the recipe here.

Does it get better than this? Find the recipe here.

What sweet, sweet dreams are made of. Find the recipe here.

Banana and booze, together forever. Get the recipe here.

Bananas can be classy too. Get the recipe here.

Thick, creamy, and way too delicious. Find the recipe here.

Why have boring old PB&J when you can have this? Find the recipe here.

This is next-level amazing. Get the recipe here.

Toast your bread, spread some peanut butter on it, top with lots of banana. If you're feeling feisty, sprinkle some cinnamon on top. BIG BREAKFAST WIN.