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20 Surprising Side Effects Of Eating Guacamole

Do you know what you're getting into?

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1. FACT: Eating guacamole leads to orgies.

2. Intense guacamole addiction also leads to crime.

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3. It can drive you to take desperate measures for a quick fix.

4. It forces you to question important relationships.

5. It turns people into animals.

6. And also zombies.

7. It can lead to emergency hospital visits.

8. And it makes you nostalgic for a better time (RIP, guac Doritos).

9. But guac does a lot of good things, too. It inspires pride.

10. It helps you celebrate important holidays.

11. It promotes a healthy self-image.

12. It encourages you to make the most out of what you have.

13. It lets you express romantic feelings.

14. It can even be your lover. If you want.

15. Guacamole makes you smart.

16. And beautiful.

17. It helps you understand what really matters in life.

18. It forces you to dream big.

19. It helps you get dressed in the morning.

20. And it brings people together.

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