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21 Incredible Football Stadiums Made Of Snacks

This is how to eat like a champion.

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1. Two-story snackadium. And broccoli trees.

2. That pool of guac is in desperate need of a chip.

3. This one even has sponsors.

4. It's so beautiful.

5. Extra points for corn dogs.

6. Meeeaaat.

7. More meeeaaaat.

8. Deli meeeeaaaat.

9. Tater tots! And a bacon weave sighting.

10. Lots of cheap seats.

11. Bonus points for keeping it prepped for packing up leftovers.

12. Towers of snacks are what dreams are made of.

13. Crock pots!

14. The luckiest little girls in the world.

15. Go Team!

16. Ew. But still impressive.

17. Is this an attempt at a healthy snackadium? Hm.

18. Haha hot dog people. Weird. Still impressive.

19. Seems reasonable.


21. Very strange. Still impressive.

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