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    16 Crazy Restaurant Receipts

    And you thought you were done with your meal.

    1. Receipts that make questionable excuses.

    A pastor wrote that note, and the Applebee's server who posted it to Reddit was fired. This basically caused the internet to explode.

    2. Receipts that reward good behavior.

    3. Receipts that brighten your day.

    4. Receipts that wax poetic.

    5. Receipts that give credit where credit is due.

    6. Receipts that play games.

    7. Receipts that are honest.

    8. Receipts that like to ball out.

    That's almost $200,000, guys.

    9. Receipts that are just creepy.

    10. Receipts that are OCD.

    And, apparently, penny-pinching.

    11. Receipts that are mathematically perfect.

    12. Receipts that know your hidden desires.

    13. Receipts that call it how they see it.

    14. Receipts that are NOT very nice.

    15. Receipts with too much money for their own good.

    True story: This was a Russian billionaire who felt like sending a special present over to Zac Efron and Heather Graham.

    16. Receipts that add insult to injury.

    "P.S. You could stand to lose a few pounds."

    h/t Eater for their consistent excellence in receiptrocity reporting.