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    14 Disastrous And Delicious Food Spills

    This week a truck full of ketchup had a bloody-looking crash in Reno. What is it about food that just asks to be smeared all over a highway?

    1. Ketchup in Reno, Nevada

    February 28, 2013: A truck carrying 42,000 pounds of Heinz ketchup crashed in Reno, spilling the ketchup all over the highway. Snow plows were used to clean up the accident.

    2. Brown Cheese in Norway

    January 22, 2013: A tunnel in Norway closed down for multiple days when the 59,000 pounds of brown cheese it was carrying burst into flames.

    3. Raspberry Puree in Portland, Oregon

    January 22, 2013: A truck full of raspberry purée flipped over in Portland. The purée was going to be used to make yogurt.

    4. Cranberries in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin

    October 16, 2012: A truck carrying 52,000 pounds of cranberries split open in Wisconsin.

    5. Budweiser in Frederick-Montgomery County, Maryland

    July 26, 2012: Between 50,000 and 77,000 pounds of Budweiser spilled on the interstate in truck accident.

    6. Sardines, Poland

    July 12, 2012: 24 tons of sardines were spilled on a road in Poland when the driver forgot to close the back door to his truck.

    7. Watermelon in Chicago, Illinois

    July 9, 2012: A truck crash spilled 49, 000 pounds of watermelon on the road in Chicago.

    8. Maple Syrup in Kentucky

    June 7, 2012: Maple syrup spilled all over the highway when the driver of the truck hit Butermilk pike overpass in Ohio. Mm hmm, Buttermilk pike overpass.

    9. Tomato Paste in Modesto, California

    February 5, 2012: A flatbed truck carrying tomato paste spilled its goods on a highway in California. Shovels and street sweepers were used to clean up the bloody looking mess.

    10. Chobani Yogurt in Chenango, New York

    May 15, 2012: 96,000 servings of yogurt were lost in a truck accident.

    11. Edy's Ice Cream in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    December 23, 2011: A trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of Edy's Ice Cream tipped over in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The flavors included vanilla and caramel praline crunch.

    12. Hamburger Patties near Salt Lake City, Utah

    February 17, 2009: A truck accident near Salt Lake City spilled 40,000 pounds of hamburger patties.

    13. Frozen Baked Goods and Bratwurst in Tazewell County, Illinois

    October 13, 2011: A truck carrying 20 tons of frozen baked goods and bratwurst spilled its cargo in an accident.

    14. Doritos in Outer Banks, North Carolina

    November 30, 2006: Thousands of bags of Doritos washed up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina when a ship lost one of its cargo containers. They were apparently still good due to their air tight packaging.