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28 Ways You Know You're From Cape May, NJ

Cape May is one of the country’s oldest vacation resort destinations located at the southern tip of New Jersey. If you can identify with these 28 things, then you truly know what it means to be a LOCAL in this historic town!

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15. You remember when this happened at LCMR…

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27. You hear someone say this almost every day: “I can’t wait to move out of Cape May!” Except somehow, they never do.

28. But no matter what you do in life or where you move to, at the end of the day you wouldn’t want to call anywhere else other than Cape May your first true home!

And if you didn't find this list funny and accurate, you're just lying to yourself. You probably smell like hot dog water and have no sense of humor. Remember, this world is big. There's a lot out there past Exit 0. If you have a dream, go chase! KEEP IT KOSHER & LIVE THE DREAM! -BLAU

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