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    27 Things Only Long Islanders Understand.

    pronounced "Lawn Guy Land"

    27. Bagels are not the same anywhere else

    Via Tumblr

    26. Pizza is not the same anywhere else

    25. You know what Ralph's Italian Ices is..

    And you count the days until it opens for the season.

    24. You Know Every Billy Joel Song

    or at least New York State of Mind

    23. You have seen Billy Joel out in the wild

    22. No matter how the night goes you end up at the diner

    21. You've tried to find the Amityville Horror House.

    20. After School/During Free periods you'd go to the beach

    19. You've been to at least 2 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

    18. You have been to a Dairy Barn

    And don't know how you live without them when your not on LI

    17. You've Been to Splish Splash

    bonus points if you didn't contract some kind of water bred disease

    16. You've been to Adventureland

    .. and lived to tell the tale

    15. You KNOW Lacrosse

    14. Everything north of the Bronx is "Upstate"

    13. The LIRR is always late

    12. You know to NEVER EVER change at Jamaica past a certain time

    11. You don't go to New York City, you go to "The City"

    10. You've pregamed the train ride to and from The City

    9. You know famous peolple from LI and what town they were from

    Lindsay Lohan (Cold Spring Harbor), Ashanti (Glen Cove), Eddie Murphy (Roosevelt), Mariah Carey (Huntington), Scott Disick (Eastport), Matthew Koma (Seaford)

    8. You have been to a concert at Jones Beach

    7. You complain about the increasing amount of malls but shop there anyway

    6. You've played Manhunt

    5. Road Rage is an art form

    4. You can pronounce Hauppauge and Patchogue

    3. You've complained about LI overpopulation

    2. Not all of us have accents

    ... but we do when we are angry and/or drunk

    1. Don't Compare us to New Jersey

    unless you want to get hurt

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