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    These Short Fan Fictions Put You In The Story

    Imagine: You wake up next to your ultimate celebrity crush...

    Interactive storytelling site and app Wattpad has announced they'll be publishing a collection of "Imagines" — those second-person fan fictions that have taken over the site (and honestly, much of the internet) — this April with Gallery Books.

    The anthology will feature stories — some brand new, some revised from stories already popular on the site — from 30 of Wattpad's most-loved writers, about the readership's favorite celebrities.

    "Anyone who's ever imagined something amazing happening with a celebrity — whether it's having a romantic relationship, becoming best friends — will find something to love in here," Ashleigh Gardner, head of Publisher and Writer Partnerships at Wattpad told BuzzFeed.

    "These stories capture that fantasy," Gardner continued. "It's really exciting to see other people draw that out in such detail that it can feel real for a few minutes."

    Here's just some of what the book has in store:

    1. "Let The Heart Lead The Way" by Doeneseya Bates

    Biebs sends you on a romantic and exciting scavenger hunt on your anniversary.

    2. "Medium" by Anna Todd

    You meet Daniel Sharman in an art class but are concerned about the effects of his fame.

    3. "An Unlikely Friend" by Anna Todd

    4. "Knockout" by Katarina E. Tonks

    You're a martial arts student and there's a new boss in town when Nick Bateman buys the gym you train at.

    5. "His English Heart" by Kora Huddles

    6. "Taking Selfies and Overthrowing the Patriarchy with Kim Kardashian" by Kevin Fanning

    Selfies have been outlawed in a dystopian (near) future, and you and Kim are freedom fighters.

    7. "Best. Night. Ever." by Jen Wilde

    Jennifer Lawrence is running from the paps and you need to help her escape on one wild night.

    8. "The One That Got Away" by Ariana Godoy

    You and Cameron Dallas go way back — you were best friends before the rest of the world made him famous, and now you want to reveal how you really feel about him.

    9. "The Ten Year Special" by Blair Holden

    10. "Stick It To Eve" by Rebecca Sky

    You're a standup comic who's had a couple of rough gigs, and your confidence is falling as your high school reunion approaches. Luckily for you, Rebel Wilson is there to pump you up.

    Imagines: Celebrity Encounters Starring You is out April 2016.