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21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes

Who's hungry?

1. Tuna and Jell-o Pie

Also known as the Summer Salad Pie, which Betty Crocker's Dinner in a Dish Cookbook (1965) dubiously calls "pretty as can be."

Recipe here.

2. Ham and Bananas Hollandaise

3. Hot Dog Fondue

4. Perfection Salad

5. Frosted Ribbon Loaf

6. Lobster Relish

7. Jellied Tomato Refresher

8. Atora Steak Puddings

9. Lime Cheese Salad

10. Liver Sausage Pineapple

11. Super Salad Loaf

12. Shrimp Sandwich Roll

13. Frozen Cheese Salad

14. Monterey Soufflé Salad

15. Spam 'n' Limas

16. Banana Candle

17. Snowy Chicken Confetti Salad

18. Glazed Potato Salad

19. Baked Stuffed Salmon

20. Igloo Meat Loaf

21. ?????????

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