14 Truly Awesome Photos Of Tattoos Throughout History

    1000 Tattoos explores the art of tattoos, past and present, and from all around the world. BuzzFeed takes a peek inside the re-release.

    1. Maori, New Zealand (c. 1900)

    2. Edith Burchett; London, Great Britain (c. 1920)

    3. Ron Ackers at work; Bristol, Great Britain (1950s)

    4. Pamela Nash tattooed by Les Skuse; Bristol, Great Britain (1950s)

    5. Cindy Ray in her studio; Ivanhoe, Australia (1960s)

    6. Cindy Ray; Ivanhoe, Australia (1960s)

    7. Les Skuse in his studio; Bristol, Great Britain (1960s)

    8. Artist Unknown (1970s)

    9. Tattoo by Horiwaka; Tokyo, Japan

    10. Tattoo by Petalo Suluepe; Samoa (1990s)

    11. Tattoo master Roal Nuii; Moorea, Tahiti (1995)

    12. Tattoo master Tavita; Moorea, Tahiti (1995)

    13. Tattoo by Horiwaka; Tokyo, Japan

    14. Tattoo by Dave Lum; Salem, Oregon

    The new edition of 1000 Tattoos, published by TASCHEN, is out now.