14 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Librarians

    "Yes, I can help you find all the books." "No, I don't spend all day reading them."

    We recently asked librarians amongst the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most frustrating misconception people have about their job. Here are the enlightening results!

    1. That your job is stress-free.

    2. That technology has made your job redundant.

    3. That you spend your days reading.

    4. That you either look like this...

    5. Or like this:

    6. That if your focus is children's books, it's all playtime.

    7. That you only work in libraries or public schools.

    8. That you don't need an advanced degree.

    9. That the job is easy.

    10. That you're technology averse.

    11. That you have to be of a certain age.

    12. That you're a bunch of prudes.

    13. That you're an introverted loner.

    14. That libraries are basically an endangered species.

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