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    25 Stunning Engagement Rings That Aren't Made With Diamonds

    Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend, and that's okay.

    1. Lover's Knot Gold-Filled Wire Ring, $80

    What better way to ask someone to tie the knot?

    By Erica Weiner

    2. Sterling Silver Open Marquis Ring, $109

    This one looks like it could've been forged in the woods of Rivendell, which is every person's dream.

    From Amery Carriere

    3. Moonstone and Oxidized Silver Ring, $175

    Fun fact: if you present a moonstone to your significant other during a full moon, it is supposed to bring everlasting passion to the relationship.

    From Etsy

    4. Burgeon Multi-Colored Pearl Ring, $195

    What's better than one pearl? Five pearls.

    From James Avery

    5. 14K Pink Gold and Pyrite Ring, $225

    Pyrite's reflective sheen will blind admirers as much as the shiniest of diamonds.

    From Etsy

    6. Stacking Sterling Silver and Garnet Rings, $250

    Defy convention by wearing two engagement rings, or save one for the wedding.

    From Etsy

    7. White Topaz Ring, $250

    Classic, minimalist, and beautiful in its simplicity.

    From Turtle Love

    8. Sterling Silver with Onyx Hex Ring, $435

    A black stone in an engagement ring says you're optimistic about love but still a little dark. Mysterious. Deep. You contain multitudes.

    From Aesa

    9. 18K Gold Signet Ring, $450

    This take on a simple band somehow suggests delicacy and utility at once, both sturdy and beautiful.

    From Conroy Wilcox

    10. 14K Gold and Pearl Ring, $475

    A pearl rose! It's almost too romantic.

    From Etsy

    11. Colored Topaz and Sterling Silver Ring, $495

    An off-center setting for the off-center gal. This one is "inspired by UFOs and all things extraterrestrial" (COOL) and the stone is meant to look like it's hovering over the band.

    By Delfina Delettrez, from Opening Ceremony

    12. Peach Pearl and 18K Gold Ring, $550

    So warm and regal, how could you not feel like a million dollars wearing this one?

    From Maison Birks

    13. Emerald and Gold Crown Bezel Ring, $585

    It's a scientific fact that the emerald is the best precious gemstone that exists, and this is such a lovely and delicate way to show it off.

    From Steven Alan

    14. Quartz and Mother-of-Pearl Teardrop Ring, $595

    This is what they call a statement ring.

    By Ippolita, at Bergdorf Goodman

    15. Antique Etched Floral Platinum Ring, $700

    The trailing floral detail on this vintage band, which dates back to 1915, proves that a ring doesn't need a stone to stand out.

    From Metier

    16. Vintage Victorian Onyx Crest Ring, $850

    Another bold Onyx choice, this time bigger and with more history -- the crest ring is from the Victorian era.

    From Trumpet & Horn

    17. 18K Gold and Opal Rings, $885

    This is another set, which comes with one Ethiopian opal ring and a separate braided band, but the two can easily be worn together for a more textured look.

    From Etsy

    18. Ruby and 14K Gold Leaves Ring, $900

    What is it about nature-inspired engagement rings that is just so appealing? This one can be made to order with any gemstone, though the ruby is particularly delightful.

    From Etsy

    19. 14K Gold and Amethyst Rosa Ring, $950

    Rough cut and rugged, this ring is very real.

    By Ken & Dana Design

    20. Gold and Blue Sapphire Claw Ring, $1100

    The claw grasp over the deep blue sapphire is a little jarring and intense, but SO CAN BE LOVE.

    By Lauren Wolf, at Catbird

    21. Pink Tourmaline and 14K Gold Bea Ring, $1200

    The colors. Oh, the colors!

    By Anna Sheffield, at Roseark

    22. Keshi Pearl Ring, $1680

    Each keshi pearl is completely unique, with its own color, shape, sheen, and luster, meaning no one in the world will have a ring quite like yours.

    From Satomi Kawakita

    23. 18K Gold and Rhodolite Garnet Ring, $1725

    Rhodolite garnet is supposed to enhance metabolism and sexuality, so this ring is a win for both function and form.

    From Greenwich Jewelers

    24. 18K Yellow Gold Entrelaces Ring, $3350

    Another great symbol of tying the knot, but for a loooooooooooot more money.

    From Cartier

    25. 14K White Gold and Sapphire Ring, $3999

    Wow wow wow wow wow.

    From Etsy