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    15 Reasons You Definitely Can't Go To The Gym Today

    You totally would, it's just that you might be coming down with something? These sleepy cats get it.

    1. It's Sunday and you haven't been to the gym all week.

    Flickr: heatherw

    What kind of maniac starts a workout regimen on a day other than Monday?

    2. It's any day in the second half of the month.

    Flickr: benarent

    Fresh start on the 1st!

    3. You really need to update your workout mix.

    Flickr: tomtata / Creative Commons

    And, honestly, a complete overhaul of your music library is long past due. This will take a while.

    4. You had a bit of a headache earlier, and you don't want to risk injury.

    Flickr: notemily / Creative Commons

    Better safe than sorry!

    5. It's raining out.

    Flickr: rellim

    The gym is so farrrrr.

    6. It's nice out.

    Flickr: outoftheaircrash / Creative Commons

    It would be a crime to miss it!

    7. You just realized that you've been running in the same shoes for almost a year.

    Flickr: guerson / Creative Commons

    Definitely need to buy a new pair, but not before researching all of the available options. Can't overestimate the importance of arch support!

    8. You wanted to finish that scarf you've been knitting, and tonight is really the only time you have this week.

    Flickr: andyatzert / Creative Commons

    What are you going to do, NOT finish the super non-urgent project that's gone untouched for months? Please.

    9. You need to catch up on Game of Thrones.

    Flickr: orangebrompton / Creative Commons

    It's a miracle you've even gone this far without hearing any Red Wedding spoilers.

    10. You want to come up with a good excuse to give the gym employees when they ask where you've been.

    Flickr: kamijo / Creative Commons

    "I was working undercover ... for research ... for the screenplay I'm writing?"

    11. You're too hungry to work out now, but once you eat you'll need at least a few hours to digest and by then it's practically bedtime.

    Flickr: joieoee / Creative Commons

    It's not your fault you don't want to deal with indigestion.

    12. You've been meaning to reorganize your spice rack.

    Flickr: tinekatrine2 / Creative Commons

    Thing's a mess.

    13. You can't remember the last time you shaved your legs.

    Flickr: guerson / Creative Commons

    It gets too hot running in pants, and you're not ready for everyone to see your natural coat.

    14. You're going to start a new book.

    Flickr: etolane / Creative Commons

    This one's barely a compromise. You're basically exercising, just working out your mind instead!

    15. You just really, really, really don't feel like it.

    Flickr: elycefeliz / Creative Commons

    The days are long, your bed is soft, and the gym will still be there tomorrow.

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