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15 Reasons You Definitely Can't Go To The Gym Today

You totally would, it's just that you might be coming down with something? These sleepy cats get it.

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7. You just realized that you've been running in the same shoes for almost a year.

Flickr: guerson / Creative Commons

Definitely need to buy a new pair, but not before researching all of the available options. Can't overestimate the importance of arch support!


8. You wanted to finish that scarf you've been knitting, and tonight is really the only time you have this week.

Flickr: andyatzert / Creative Commons

What are you going to do, NOT finish the super non-urgent project that's gone untouched for months? Please.

11. You're too hungry to work out now, but once you eat you'll need at least a few hours to digest and by then it's practically bedtime.