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28 Reasons Clair Huxtable Is Perfection Embodied

The mom you always wanted, and the woman you now want to be.

1. OK, first things first, Clair Huxtable is a boss.

2. But she's not just in charge at the office.

3. She's running the show at home, too.

4. She is a pillar of strength and support for her family.

5. And she knows how to let loose and have fun.

6. She can even be downright silly.

7. But she knows exactly where her limits are.

8. She does the work to maintain her good health.

9. And her physical strength is unmatched.

10. But she knows when to treat herself.

11. Her confidence is unmistakable.

12. And she OWNS it.

13. She's never afraid to ask for what she wants.

14. And she's well aware of her power to get it.

15. She's one half of a partnership based on love and respect.

16. And, of course, plenty of joy.

17. She's an intelligent and compassionate listener.

18. But when it's her time to talk, she makes sure you pay attention.

19. She forces everyone around her to be at the top of their game.

20. Because she's definitely not letting anyone get away with ANY bullshit.

21. She has an adventurous spirit.

22. And she's down to get her hands dirty.

23. But she's somehow also the epitome of glamour.

24. She's intimidatingly brilliant.

25. She never shies away from speaking truth to power.

26. Or, for that matter, speaking truth to anybody.

27. Like, seriously, if you think she won't shut you down immediately, you're wrong.

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28. In conclusion, Clair Huxtable is the woman we all strive to be.