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27 Pets Who Are So Mad At You For Taking Them To The Vet

"I *trusted* you" —every pet

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1. Some pets know where they're going before they even get there.

2. And they are not psyched about it.

3. It's in the eyes.

4. There are those who forget their size the second they enter the waiting room of their nightmares.

5. Just look at this gentle giant.

6. And this guy has seen some shit.

7. There's the lil' buddy who believes so strongly in the cloaking power of the chair.

8. Or the bench.

9. (Honestly, this is a common tactic.)

10. But in a pinch, a handbag works as well.

11. Fear turns some into expert hiders.

sbfpf /

12. (Like, VERY good.)

13. Others, well, not so much.

14. "They'll never see me behind these cotton balls." —this cat

15. There's the little lady who's hellbent on escape.

16. While others more bravely venture into enemy territory.

ChristieAS /

17. Some lurk in the shadows.

18. Waiting, on the defense.

19. Camouflaged almost imperceptibly.

20. Then there are those who are less afraid, and more heartbroken.

21. Disappointed.

22. So sad.

24. They're on to you, and they won't go willingly.

25. Some will hold on for dear life.

26. They might not forgive you right away.

27. But it's all worth it for that clean bill of health. 😻😻

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