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This Illustrator Perfectly Captures What It's Like To Be A Woman In 2017

Julie Houts's art absolutely nails the absurd, funny, and very often dark realities of being alive today.

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If you aren't already aware, I am here to tell you: Julie Houts is hilarious and sharp and so weird, and you need to be following her. The former J. Crew womenswear designer recently shifted to full-time illustrating, and honestly, bless her because it means more of this:

I mean, there's a reason Vogue called her "Instagram's favorite illustrator."


If you want more than Julie's Instagram, though, you are in luck. She just published a book, Literally Me, and it's full of too-true illustrations about the absurd and sometimes dark realities of being alive today — especially as a woman in her 30s —and surreal stories that will make you actually laugh out loud.

Below are some of our favorites from Literally Me:


For more information on Julie Houts and Literally Me, click here.