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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    19 Things Every Baby Boomer Will Immediately Remember

    AARP asked Boomers which people, places, and things defined the generation, and rounded up the best in Boomers 101: The Definitive Collection. Here's a peek inside.

    1. Banana seat bicycles

    Flickr: 7776581@N04 / Creative Commons

    2. Chatty Cathy

    3. TV Dinners

    Flickr: 51764518@N02 / Creative Commons

    4. Easy Bake Oven

    Rdmsf / Creative Commons

    5. Silly Putty

    Flickr: unloveable / Creative Commons

    6. Howdy Doody

    Flickr: stephen_nomura / Creative Commons

    7. Roller Skates

    Getty Images/Fuse Fuse

    8. Mr. Potato Head

    Ta bu shi da yu / Creative Commons

    9. Pet Rock

    10. Pong

    Chris Rand / Creative Commons

    11. Pop-Tarts

    12. Tang

    Flickr: 29069717@N02 / Creative Commons

    13. Transistor Radios

    Flickr: 51764518@N02 / Creative Commons

    14. Hot Wheels

    15. Tab

    Flickr: woodysworld1778 / Creative Commons

    16. View-Master

    Junkyardsparkle / Creative Commons

    17. Mood rings

    Public Domain /

    18. Barbie

    Flickr: romitagirl67 / Creative Commons

    19. Wonderful World of Disney

    Disney /

    Boomers 101: The Definitive Collection is available now.


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