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    18 Faces Every Book Lover Will Recognize

    "My favorite book? How much time do you have?"

    1. When that babe you've been flirting with casually mentions how much they love your favorite book.

    2. When that babe you've been flirting with tells you they don't like to read.

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    3. When someone asks you to pick a favorite book.


    4. When you get on the bus or train and realize you left your book at home.

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    5. When you happen upon an adorable used bookstore you've never been to before.

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    6. When you walk past a book sale but know you can't afford to buy anything.


    7. When you sniff a new book.

    8. When your favorite author announces they're releasing a new book.

    9. When a character you love dies.


    10. When a book ends.


    11. When you're in the middle of a good book and call in "sick" to work.


    12. When someone keeps talking to you while you're trying to read.


    13. When someone spoils the ending of the book you're reading.


    14. When someone talks shit about a book or author you love.

    15. When you're unimpressed by the book everyone is raving about.


    16. When your friend tells you they lost the book they borrowed.


    17. When you finally get to meet an author you love.

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    18. When you settle into a cozy spot and crack open a new book.


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