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19 Dilemmas Every Book Lover Has Faced At Least Once

Spoiler: The answer is always yes.

1. Should I lug a moving truck's-worth of books to my new apartment, even though it will make this already terrible experience even more strenuous?

New Line Cinema / Via

2. Should I buy this new book, even though I've got literally hundreds at home that I've never read?

3. Should I bring a variety of books on vacation, even though it will add about 30 pounds to my luggage?

BBC / Via

What if you finish one or get bored with it?!

4. Should I buy books on vacation, even though I packed some AND have no room in my luggage?

Weinstein Company / Via

5. Should I buy a cool old edition of this book, even though I already have a copy at home?

6. Should I start a new book, even though I'm in the middle of five others?

Gruskoff/Venture Films / Via

7. Should I let my friend borrow this book, even though he might lose it or tear a page or IDK suddenly drop out of my life??!??!??!

Columbia Pictures / Via

8. Should I stay home and read, even though I was invited to this party?

Ashton Productions / Via

9. Should I stay home to read, even though I have a kickboxing class?

Indian Paintbrush / Via

10. Should I stay home to read, even though I've been doing that for the past two days?

11. Should I bring a book to the bar, even though my friends will be meeting me there?

Harpo / Via

What if they're late?

12. Should I see the movie based on my favorite book, even though it will undoubtedly disappoint?

Alfama Films / Via

13. Should I bother organizing my bookshelf, even though I will most likely decide to reorganize it next week?

NBC / Via

It's the most-fun home project.

14. Should I bring home these abandoned books on the sidewalk, even though they most likely have bed bugs living in their spines?

15. Should I recommend my favorite book to a significant other, even though I know that if he/she dislikes it the relationship will be over?

NBC / Via

16. Should I keep buying lots and lots of books, even though last month I almost didn't make rent?

NBC / Via

17. Should I underline my favorite passages, even though it ruins the *pristine* condition?

18. Should I keep reading until I finish this book, even though it's 4 a.m. and I have to be up for work in three hours?

Nickelodeon / Via

19. Should I stop reading for a bit and go interact with real people?

CW / Via

Lol nahhhhhhh.

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