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21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For College Students

New textbook: $375.99; used: $375.

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1. When you walk into the bookstore:

2. When you can't hide your misplaced resentment:

The look u give the college bookstore clerk when he asks if you're finding everything "alright"

3. When they try to convince you you're getting a deal:

4. When this doesn't feel like THAT much of an exaggeration:

THIS is legit #college bookstore shade. πŸ˜‚

No lie detected.

5. When you forgot to budget accurately:

When you thought all your college expenses were done then you check to see what books you need

6. When they rub it in your face:

Just bought my college books online and this is the CAPTCHA they gave me. Couldn't agree more.

7. When you start to doubt the whole system:


8. And dare to question it:

9. When you smile through the pain:

College books 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

10. When you've exhausted all your options:

when you cant find a t*rrent of your prescribed textbook and no one is selling it second hand

11. When you refuse to back down:

12. When that buyer's remorse sneaks up on you:

13. When it feels like everyone is out to get you:

14. When you beat the system:

When you find a PDF for your $5000 textbook

15. Or just hack it:

the no textbook college struggle

16. When you feel this satisfaction:

When the school bookstore says your textbook is $200 but you find it for $15

17. When you find your hero:

Seriously such a real homie .. πŸ˜„πŸ™Œ the real #FriendshipGoals #collegetextbookstruggle

18. When it's time to sell:

19. When you refuse to be fooled:

20. When you realize how little you even use those books:

21. And when you find that dream syllabus: