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22 Struggles Everyone Who Lives With A Cat Knows Too Well

You see a book; your cat sees food.

1. Reading a book.

2. Finishing some homework.

3. Walking across the kitchen.

4. Leaving a glass of water on the table.

5. Making the bed.

6. Taking a selfie.

7. Sleeping in.

8. Sleeping at all, really.

9. Taking a shower.

10. Packing a suitcase.

11. Taking a family portrait.

12. Completing a puzzle.

13. Enjoying some peace and quiet in the vicinity of a plastic bag.

14. Getting a Christmas tree.

15. Opening the refrigerator for even just a few seconds.

16. Wrapping gifts.

17. Exercising at home.

18. Eating a meal.

19. Using a laptop.

20. Cleaning up around the house.

21. Getting off the couch.

22. And respecting their wish to not be smothered in kisses.

😻 😻 😻 😻 😻