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    Yep, What “OITNB” Said About The Wonder Woman Creator’s Sex Life Is True

    Minor spoilers if you haven't seen Season 4, Episode 4.

    Orange Is the New Black, which has always embraced female and alternative sexualities, featured a little aside in Episode 4 about the creator of Wonder Woman. And yes, it's all true.


    In the episode, Litchfield electrician Luschek (Matt Peters) reveals that he used to jerk off to Wonder Woman, and then Judy King (Blair Brown), a new Martha Stewart-like inmate who herself has multiple partners, drops some even more carnal knowledge about how Wonder Woman's creator was one third of a bondage-loving throuple.


    "William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman, had two wives!" Judy tells Luschek gleefully.

    When he asks how she knows, she says, "Call me a polyamory expert."

    Judy goes on, filling in the self-professed comic book nerd on how Marston's sex life influenced the warrior princess.


    "Those three were into bondage — very kinky stuff," she says. "That is why Wonder Woman was always chained up, trapped in cages, hogtied... Kinda like how I spent my thirties."

    It's the truth — Marston and his two live-in female partners were really into submission.

    DC Comics / Via

    William and Elizabeth Marston and Olive Byrne were in a committed relationship; Byrne moved in with the married couple in 1926. Both Elizabeth and Olivia had children by Marston. And, according to history professor and New Yorker writer Jill Lepore, the women were involved with each other sexually as well as with Marston. Elizabeth enjoyed their throuple in particular because Olivia provided childcare that made it easier for her to keep working.

    So if you didn't know Wonder Woman was bondage-filled polyamorous matriarchal propaganda, now you know!


    Suffering Sappho indeed! 🍑 🍑 🍆 🎉

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