7 Reasons Women Should Not Give A Flying F*** About Queefing


1. Queefing is a fact of sex.

If you are a person with a vagina who has penetrative sex, air is going to get in your vagina. It is going to come back out of your vagina, and it will probably make a noise when it does.

2. You literally can’t help it.

Cost of doing business, ladies.*

*and gentlemen who have sex with ladies.

3. Queefs are not farts.

It’s just regular old air that got stuck in your vagina. It doesn’t smell. Your body didn’t even make that air.

4. Every vagina-haver has queefed.

Usually as a result of getting it on. Sometimes just as a result of being a person who has a vagina.

5. Yes, they sound a little silly, but there’s nothing mortifying about them.

For real, though, if your partner shames you for queefing during sex, time to dump ‘em. No one should give you grief for something that is a direct result of the lovin’ you just gave. Ingrates not welcome at the pussy party byeeee.

6. It’s ridiculous that there is shame associated with something that happens to everyone with a vagina and is usually a direct result of sex.

Yes, yes it is.

7. Every time we get embarrassed about a queef, the patriarchy wins.

Instead of feeling shame, let’s try more self-love.

Sisters unite!

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