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22 Moments When It's Pretty Clear You Are Obsessed With Food

You don't give a fork.

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2. You put something in your mouth, but nope, it's not food, that's why you spit it out two minutes ago. You got so excited when you thought it was food.


11. Choosing your napkin placement can be confusing, actually.

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"Where will this napkin have the most impact when I will probably be spilling in most of my nooks and a number of my crannies?" you wonder.


15. Seriously, you don't get why certain conversation topics are "appetite spoilers." What's an appetite spoiler?


I mean, what does poop have to do with my ability to eat this sandwich? Other than, you know, the fact that all bodily functions are connected. So really, by not wanting to discuss poop, you're hiding from the truth.

17. You've witnessed people looking at food and saying, "This is too beautiful to eat." Although you understand all the individual words, you do not understand the sentence.


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