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22 Moments When It's Pretty Clear You Are Obsessed With Food

You don't give a fork.

1. When presentation really doesn't matter to you.

2. You put something in your mouth, but nope, it's not food, that's why you spit it out two minutes ago. You got so excited when you thought it was food.

3. Some people have clear boundaries of what food is "theirs" and what food is "yours." These boundaries are not always apparent to you.

4. Sometimes people will take advantage of your love of food.

5. Eating with your fingers makes you soooooo happy.

6. When people warn you that you'll "spoil your appetite," you can see right through that nonsense.

7. Your favorite game to play is hide-and-seek with chips. They're hiding in dip! Sneaky!

8. Even if you don't like sports, there's a surefire way to get you to a game.

9. Eating off the floor? Who, me?!

10. You strategically place your napkin knowing that you are not capable of eating with any delicacy.

11. Choosing your napkin placement can be confusing, actually.

12. It seems even your food is a little taken aback.

13. When you know the way you're eating something makes you look like a goofball idiot, you just don't care.

14. At dinner when people tell you you have food on your face, and it's like, "Of course, I am eating."

15. Seriously, you don't get why certain conversation topics are "appetite spoilers." What's an appetite spoiler?

16. Associating food and toilets? No, that doesn't faze you.

17. You've witnessed people looking at food and saying, "This is too beautiful to eat." Although you understand all the individual words, you do not understand the sentence.

18. You realize your dreams are a bit...different from other people's.

19. It's the simple things that make you happy:

20. So happy.

21. Like for real, why would anyone want to have their cake when they could just eat it?

22. I've gotta go ask a happy cookie about this.