15 Breathtaking Illustrations Of Fairy Tales From The 1920s

    Long, long ago, things were really beautiful.

    1. Once upon a time, there were lovely trees.

    2. There were inky eyes whose gaze you could still follow.

    3. There were vivid fabrics.

    4. Flowers were made of dots and lines.

    5. Dresses were geometric.

    6. The silhouettes had parties together.

    7. Colors were never as exquisite as the absence of color.

    8. Feet were impossibly delicate.

    9. Robes never seemed to end.

    10. Beards were reaching new heights of curliness.

    11. Boys flew through black skies.

    12. Even the ugly were strangely beautiful.

    13. Babies had the tiniest faces.

    14. Getting caught in brambles looked elegant.

    15. And a happy ending was just behind the brilliantly green curtains.