15 Breathtaking Illustrations Of Fairy Tales From The 1920s

Long, long ago, things were really beautiful.

1. Once upon a time, there were lovely trees.

Puss in Boots introduces himself to the princess.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

2. There were inky eyes whose gaze you could still follow.

Cinderella looks at her mother’s portrait.

(Arthur Rackham, 1919)

3. There were vivid fabrics.

Cinderella fixes her stepmother’s hair before the ball.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

4. Flowers were made of dots and lines.

After thinking she wouldn’t be able to go at all, Cinderella sets off for the ball in her enchanted coach.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

5. Dresses were geometric.

Cinderella enters the ball.

(John Austen, 1922)

6. The silhouettes had parties together.

The prince dances with Cinderella at the royal ball.

(Arthur Rackham, 1919)

7. Colors were never as exquisite as the absence of color.

Cinderella flees the ball.

(Arthur Rackham, 1919)

8. Feet were impossibly delicate.

The prince finds Cinderella’s slipper.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

9. Robes never seemed to end.

He returns the slipper.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

10. Beards were reaching new heights of curliness.

The wife-slayer Bluebeard demands that his bride return the key she wasn’t supposed to use.

(John Austen, 1922)

11. Boys flew through black skies.

Little Thumb (Tom Thumb) carries a message to the king in his magic boots.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

12. Even the ugly were strangely beautiful.

Angry at the princess’ parents, the wicked fairy curses the baby to die by a spindle prick in “Sleeping Beauty.”

(Arthur Rackham, 1920)

13. Babies had the tiniest faces.

After the wicked fairy curses the baby, a good fairy softens the curse to 100 years of sleep.

(Harry Clarke, 1922)

14. Getting caught in brambles looked elegant.

The prince fights through the thorns surrounding the sleeping princess’ castle.

(Arthur Rackham, 1920)

15. And a happy ending was just behind the brilliantly green curtains.

Sleeping Beauty awakens to her prince.

(John Austen, 1922)

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