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    14 Vintage Postcards Of Old Hollywood Vs. Hollywood Now

    Hollywood's seedy beauty is more timeless than you thought. These postcards from 1930-1945 show how much things have changed — and just how much they've stayed the same.

    1. Bernheimer Gardens then...

    ...Yamashiro now.

    Flickr: eccentricscholar

    At 1999 N Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles — completed in the early 1900s, it is now an expensive Japanese restaurant.

    2. The Pantages Theatre then...

    ...and the Pantages Theatre now.

    Flickr: 7294653@N07

    One of the former homes of the Academy Awards ceremony, the theater is at 6233 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles.

    3. Griffith Observatory then...

    ...and Griffith Observatory now.

    Flickr: jmabel

    The planetarium of the people is at 2800 E Observatory Ave., Los Angeles.

    4. The Chinese Theatre then...

    ...the TCL Chinese Theatre now.

    Flickr: javic

    The theater famous for its impressions of famous hands and other body parts is at 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles.

    5. NBC Radio City building then...

    ...a bank now.

    Flickr: ricardodiaz

    NBC has moved — where the building in the postcard was, on the northeast corner of Sunset and Vine, there is now a Chase bank.

    6. The Hollywood Bowl then...

    ...and the Hollywood Bowl now.

    Flickr: fredcamino

    The 1920s amphitheater is at 2301 N Highland Ave., Los Angeles.

    7. Westlake Park then...

    ...and MacArthur Park now.

    Flickr: metrola

    The iconic Los Angeles park is at 2230 W 6th St., Los Angeles.

    8. The Mulholland Memorial Fountain then...

    ...and the Mulholland Memorial Fountain now.

    Flickr: 7294653@N07

    The memorial to water hog William Mulholland is in Los Feliz.

    9. Chinatown then...

    ...and Chinatown now.

    Flickr: chelly

    The Old Chinatown Central Plaza is at 943 N Broadway, Los Angeles.

    10. Union Station then...

    ...and Union Station now.

    Flickr: pedrosz

    Los Angeles' main rail station is on N Alameda Street, just north of the 101.

    11. The Hollywood Post Office then...

    ...and the Hollywood Post Office now.

    Google Maps

    This post office has images of celebrity stamps on its walls at 1615 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles.

    12. Palm Springs then...

    ...and Palm Springs now.

    Flickr: bdearth

    These are images of Indian Canyons.

    13. Union Air Terminal then...

    ...the Bob Hope Airport now.

    Flickr: charleskremenak

    Teeny little Bob Hope Airport is at 2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank.

    14. The Hollywood skyline then...

    ...and now.

    Flickr: jgscism

    The Hollywood Bowl Overlook has a stunning view of the town.