14 Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love With Bicycle Helmets

Hope you have a U-lock on your heart, otherwise it’s about to get stolen.

1. A helmet makes you look like a responsible adult who cares about brain safety.

Yeah, I said it. The gloves are off, but the helmet’s on.

2. The word helmet comes from an Old French diminutive, meaning cuteness is built right into the word.

3. He smiles a bewitching smile, because he knows his helmet is 85 to 88 percent effective in mitigating head and brain injuries.

Damn he looks safe.

4. A suit and a helmet is a winning combination.

Casually wearing a suit, the businessman pauses next to his bicycle but does not remove his helmet. He may have to spring back onto his bicycle at any moment. He is a man of action, and he wants to be on the safe side.

5. Helmets also look awesome with sunglasses.

6. It rains. She wears a practical pink slicker because nothing compliments protective headgear like brightly colored clothing to increase your visibility.

And those glasses. Think how much they must protect her eyes from wind.

7. When the International Cycling Union first proposed mandating helmets for professional cyclists in 1991, the proposal was met with fierce opposition! Some people don’t see how sexy safety is.

Helmets have been required for professional cyclists since 2003.

8. In 1975, Bell started selling one of the first effective bicycle helmets — a hard lexan shell with a lightweight foam liner.

Hey, Bell!

9. Having a snug cranium makes you happier.

10. She looks over her shoulder, aware of her surroundings and of the fact that 70 to 80 percent of fatal bicycle crashes involve head injuries.

Why not wear a helmet?

11. The Snell Memorial Foundation has been regulating helmet effectiveness since the 1950s.

12. Snell’s number two reason you should care about its standards is “The proper use of protective helmets can minimize the risk of death or permanent impairment.” Tell it like it is, Snell.


13. Bicycle helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic so that you can keep whizzin’ on by.

Look at the wind in her hair!

14. People who wear helmets are better kissers.

Fine, I made that up.

Motherflipper that looks safe.

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