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13 Hilariously Depressing Songbook Illustrations From The 1920s

The despair is real.

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These characters from sheet music covers in the 1920s show what we've always thought about that degenerate decade: Darkness and desperation were lurking just below the surface. Take a gander at...

1. This lady, for whom the very sight of a light bulb is yet another reminder of her broken heart.

2. This gentleman, who is peering out of a rooster, trying to remember what it was like to be a man who was not trapped in a rooster.

3. This monocled man, who is aggrieved that even at his advanced age he continues to be called upon to explain that, yes, he's still single.

4. This man who is so unhappy he can scarcely get out of bed.

5. This woman who sits at her window consumed by her longing for either a literal or a figurative daddy.

6. This woman who is disappointed in you.

7. This man whose happiness has been shattered by the two people he loved and trusted most in this cold world.

8. This man who frets that the woman he loves will find a better man than he, leaving him alone with his inadequacy.

9. This man who is disturbed by the irresistible power his vices hold over him.

10. These two people who just got married and are masking their discontent with their rosebuds and their rosebud smiles, closing their eyes to block out the lie.

11. This man whose problem rhymes.

12. This man who's just staring out at a vast sea and thinking about how he could drown right then and there and nobody would notice.

13. This woman, who is did not sleep very well and is consequently fatigued.

All images from this very odd and interesting Flickr user.

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