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    Cole Sprouse Exposes Himself As A Snoot

    Um, Cole, maybe you should have done a little more research before you published your claim.

    So it turns out Cole Sprouse of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody tweeted this yesterday.



    Just to put this in perspective, as of October, Cole's brother, Dylan, was literally studying video games. Cole is reportedly studying archaeology, which, fine, makes him seem smart. But doesn't it also kind of make him seem like he should know about, like, checking facts?

    Cole Sprouse, who clearly hadn't done as much research as a thorough scholar would have, got schooled by Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment.

    Talk about peer review. He also got classily called out by Ashley Tisdale.

    Please note that Jason Dolley of Cory in the House was earning a philosophy degree as of 2010, their own co-star Brenda Song started earning college credits after she got her high school diploma at 16, and Jason Earles of Hannah Montana graduated from Rocky Mountain College, and these are just the Disney stars who were on shows that premiered between 2005 (when The Suite Life premiered) and 2009.

    Mr. Sprouse, it's hard to defend such a broad claim. That's a valuable lesson to learn as you advance in academia.


    Don't be a snoot. And if you're going to be a snoot and claim that you and your brother are the only two Disney leads to attend university, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST.

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