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15 Goofy Cameron Diaz Moments To Remind You Why You Love Her

Never change, Cameron Diaz, never change.

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Cameron Diaz's first movie had a scene in which she licked Jim Carrey's ear like a dog.

In one of her more recent films, she got hit in the face with a dodgeball. She is a fearless comedy warrior, and she deserves a salute. The goofiest of the goofy:


4. Hitting Christian Slater in the face with a hatstand.

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His face is a little puffy to begin with anyway.

She's desperate to get married and cover up murders in Very Bad Things, 1998.

5. Allowing a chimpanzee named Elijah the catharsis of untying her in a cage after failing to untie his parents in his youth.

Really, everything she did in this movie, but including this part.

Diaz plays a latent homosexual would-be murderer and pet enthusiast in Being John Malkovich, 1999.


8. Eating a sundae while receiving oral sex.

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Talk about a cherry on top, right, ladies?

She's a heartbreaker who falls for a guy and then learns the hard way what a glory hole is in The Sweetest Thing, 2002.

10. Sliding down a bar and all the way off the end, then rising triumphantly.

She's OK!

Diaz plays an uptight equity trader who accidentally lets loose once and is forced to spend the next six months married to Ashton Kutcher in What Happens in Vegas, 2008.

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Quit lyin' there HAHA.

It makes sense because she plays a swindling Texan rodeo champ and she has to save her partner in crime, who's about to be mauled by a lion because the lion is there to prevent people from stealing Monets in Gambit, 2012.

15. All the goofball sex in Sex Tape.

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Sex is stupid to look at, everyone, but we are not showing a GIF of it here because this is not a peep show.

She's a wacky mom and blackmail victim who is quite flexible in Sex Tape, 2014.