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    Top 10 Fashion Forward Cities In The US

    Do you have a passion for fashion? Check out this Top 10 list (in no particular order) to see if your style matches up to a city near you.

    1. New York City


    If you walk the streets of New York City, the most fashionable ladies will be rocking a "Boho Chic" look. New York City native Courtney Quinn is a prime example (Quinn). Check out her lacy-knit maxi dress, floppy brimmed hat, knee-high boots, all paired with a hippie chic canvas messenger bag.

    2. Chicago

    Nick Divila / Via

    Known as "The Windy City", the women of Chicago are cold weather prepped-- fashionably of course. A fur vest paired with a solid long sleeve shirt, statement jewelry, and thigh-high boots are a great on the go outfit modeled beautifully by fashion blogger Maytedoll (Divila). Anorak jackets, camo pants, and a cute pair of booties are also a must have in a Chicago girl's closet.

    3. Los Angeles


    The women of L.A certainly love their denim. Just ask blogger Brenna Smith--"I'm a born and bred Angeleno, and for some reason, we really love our denim." (Smith) Shades are always the perfect accessory for all that sunshine! For a more standard California Girl look, pull out your leggings and sports bra or graphic print crop top, daisy dukes, and t-strap sandals (Bennette).

    4. Miami

    Genevieve Garruppo / Via

    Think spicy, bold, and flirtatious. Pictured above, photographer Genevieve Garruppo captured the women of Miami rocking the streets (Garruppo). Here is what you'll see: Bold prints, plunging necklines, tube skirts, colorful kimono cardigans, wedge sneakers, and killer heels just to name a few.

    5. Las Vegas


    Hello Bombshell City! "There are many tight, short skirts and dresses in Vegas", as observed by Angie, the co-founder of the You Look Fab blog on a trip to Nevada (Angie). There is no doubt that it is hot and humid in Vegas, but that does not stop Vegas ladies from strutting their stuff. A cute high heel, stylish pencil skirt, and crop top are a common combination for a night out. For a day look, a romper and nice gladiator sandal is the way to go.

    6. Washington, D.C


    In our nation's capitol, bound by tradition, the ladies of D.C still find a way to stand out while maintaining a professional appearance. You'll see these sophisticated socialites wearing pencil skirts with patterns or bold prints, a solid color heel, and a nice blouse. Abbey Brandon, pictured above, fits the D.C fashion mold perfectly as she is headed off to work as a press assistant at the Bipartisan Policy Center (Glamour).

    7. Portland

    Lisa Warninger / Via

    The style in Portland, Oregon fits the personality of the city perfectly. Portland is filled with creative energy and you'll even find people walking down the street reading a book (Strickland)! It's no surprise that women will wear a pair of glasses as a fashion statement. I'd call the fashion sense in Portland "Geekly Chic". Women will also shop at thrift stores. This gives them a nice vintage look.

    8. Philadelphia

    Evan Schapiro / Via

    Welcome to Philadelphia-- the home of urban trendsetters! These ladies know how to rock bold, new looks. Just look at Ashley Taylor, Northeast director and buyer for Piper Boutique (Kacala). She is wearing a colorful vintage Hermès-inspired silk shirtdress with lattice zipper wedges.

    9. Seattle

    Dana Landon / Via

    Known for it's rainy reputation, the ladies of Seattle like to be layered. Scarves (and umbrellas) are also a girl's best friend. Artist Emma Sergeant looks fashionably comfortable wearing a infinity scarf, coat, and short boots, all in warm tones (Landon).

    10. Dallas

    Anton Lombardi / Via

    "Everything may be bigger in Texas, but it's not all cowboy boots and big hair in Dallas", said blogger Jaclyn Welch of in a feature for CNN (Strickland). The designer brand Neiman Marcus was started in Dallas, so the women really like to dress up. I'd call it "Southern Fab"--classy mixed with flashy. Pictured above is a fantastic example: A classy take on a skater skirt paired with a bold necklace and black and white stripped heels.