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10 Things All People With A LDBFF Understand

Cause boys are just for fun...your Long-Distance BFF is your real soulmate

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1. When you're apart, you text each other boring meaningless parts of your day.

"Just went to the grocery store! Bought tea..."

"I took out the trash today"

2. You rarely make plans to see each other that don't involve traveling thousands of miles to your dream vacation spots.

"If we book plane tickets NOW we can be in Australia in four months!"

3. Since you can't be each others wingman in person, you field a lot of awkward phone calls/texts from potential boyfriends.

"Text him and find out if he's dead or just ignoring me....Oh wait he called! Never mind."

"....well you'll have to explain that voicemail now."

4. You can't cry or vent to them in person, so you send texts that are longer than any paper you wrote in college.

5. The constant struggle to not be jealous of their geographically-closer friends is too real...and sometimes you fail miserably.

"So...who's that girl in your Snapchat story?"

"That's Mary! She's in Intro with me! She's so cool"

"Are you replacing me?! How could you do this to me? I thought what we had was SPECIAL!"

6. Most frequently received text: "Okay let me rant for a minute." Because you both share an aversion to talking on the phone.

20 minutes and 50 texts later....

7. When you want to be social, the only person in the world you want to be with is miles and miles away.

"I wanted to go shopping...but I'm here and you're there and there doesn't know how lucky it is."

8. Your ability to have an entire conversation through facial expressions has extended so much that you've become incredibly fluent in the language of emojis as a replacement.


"I'll be there with wine and tissues in four hours."

9. Not being around in each others daily lives can really put a damper on conversations...

"Hahaha Jake did the funniest thing today!!"

"Wait who's Jake?"

"Oh...yeah never mind. Takes to long to explain."

10. You keep an entire photo album of screenshots of your conversations to remind you of your absolute perfectness as BFF soul mates.

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