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    • ArashPaul

      Matthew Russell Lee represents the moral decay of journalism, and is a pathological muckraker, who feeds off information provided by disgruntled staff of the UN and lives off handouts provided by nefarious sources. We hear of some illegal outfits funding his one man crusade to damage people’s reputation. Where is the space on his blog site to issue a rebuttal-this puts a question mark on his credibility and his propensity to spread falsehoods and using the second amendment to duck for cover. Why does he not reveal his funding sources? When a man says he is not “insane” one wonders after looking at images of his office whether these were images of a lunatic asylum where the staff have taken a long holiday and no one is managing the patients. Who is Matthew Lee’s editor after all? Why has she/he taken such a long holiday? How can a blog that has no checks and balances allowed to be accredited to the UN. Clearly the UN has its own share of morons who oversee the accreditation process. I just checked out some of his blogs and his incessant attack on the UN spreading cholera in Haiti. If there is a cholera outbreak in the UN in New York we know who to blame.

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