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    19 Songs To Add To Your Spring Break Playlist

    Spring Break is coming.

    1. The Knocks feat. Carly Rae Jepsen, "Love Me Like That"

    Big Beat Records

    Producing duo The Knocks recruited the absolute queen of pop, Carly Rae Jepsen, for a pop song that sparkles and shimmers to brighten your dull non-sunny days.

    Spring Break Vibes: slow mo, longing gazes across the pool.

    2. AlunaGeorge feat. PopCaan, "I'm In Control"

    Interscope Records / VEVO / Via

    The British duo are effortlessly cool in this sweet but sultry track that only builds as it slinks through your earholes.

    Spring Break Vibes: working up a sweat as you bust a move.

    3. Hinds, "San Diego"

    Mom + Pop Music / VEVO / Via

    It's nearly impossible to think of nothing else but bright, fun, and sun when you listen to the lo-fi guitars of Madrid's best export.

    Spring Break Vibes: getting drunk in the backyard with your BFFs.

    4. Anderson .Paak feat. Schoolboy Q, "Am I Wrong"

    Steel Wool Records

    Smooth, silky, and downright charming, hip hop artist Anderson .Paak will light you on fire and cool you back down.

    Spring Break Vibes: driving with windows down, destination unknown.

    5. KLOE, "Teenage Craze"

    Columbia Records / Via

    A real and infectious look into the life of a ~youth~, "Teenage Craze" will make you want to live your best life no matter what age you are.

    Spring Break Vibes: 3am, house party.

    6. Troye Sivan, "YOUTH"

    Capitol Records / VEVO / Via

    A mellow but joyous celebration of being young, "Youth" is an outcry that you can't ignore.

    Spring Break Vibes: sitting in the aftermath of the above house party.

    7. The 1975, "The Sound"

    Interscope Records / VEVO / Via

    The British band went full on pop with "The Sound" with its sweet and catchy melody. It's infectious and needs to be listened to at least twice in a row.

    Spring Break Vibes: a bonfire, marshmallows optional.

    8. Shura, "Touch"

    Polydor Records

    "Touch" lingers as it lightly floats across with an '80s after taste.

    Spring Break Vibes: right before your heat-induced nap (preferably in hammock).

    9. That Poppy, "Lowlife"

    Island Records / VEVO / Via

    This reggae-infused track is the perfect way to prep for sunnier days.

    Spring Break Vibes: drinking by the pool with a pink umbrella.

    10. Jack Garratt, "Breathe Life"

    Interscope Records / VEVO / Via

    This track by multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt is like Justin Timberlake and D'Angelo had a slinky, R&B and funk, electronic vibey child. Yeah.

    Spring Break Vibes: chillin' in your giant swan floatie in your preferred body of water.

    11. Lucius, "Born Again Teen"

    Mom + Pop Records / VEVO / Via

    "Born Again Teen" explodes with pure excitement and a giant sigh of relief.

    Spring Break Vibes: running around town with your partner in crime.

    12. Tinashe, "Ride Of Your Life"

    RCA Records

    Tinashe continues her streak of cool with "Ride Of Your Life." It's booming with confidence and refuses to abide by the rules of the road.

    Spring Break Vibes: cruising down the freeway, or stuck in traffic.

    13. Coasts, "Oceans"

    Capitol Records / VEVO / Via

    With a tropical backdrop, Coasts embodies Spring Fling to the maximum.

    Spring Break Vibes: falling in the ocean.


    LANY / Via Facebook: thisislany

    With catchy riffs and relatable lyrics, LANY perfectly captures what it's like to feel isolated even when you're surrounded my millions of people.

    Spring Break Vibes: it's too hot outside, so you Netflix and drink.

    15. Kacy Hill, "Arm's Length"

    Def Jam Records

    Kanye's former backup dancer is quickly coming into her own. "Arm's Length" is calming, soulful, and will have you nodding your head for days.

    Spring Break Vibes: that perfect moment right before sunset.

    16. KYKO, "Native"

    SoundCloud / Via

    Vibrant and addictive, "Native" is a definitely a sunglasses-on, wind in your hair type of jam.

    Spring Break Vibes: packing for your beachy vacation.

    17. Phoebe Ryan, "Chronic"

    Columbia Records

    Phoebe Ryan's sugary sweet vocals really elevate this lovesick song.

    Spring Break Vibes: partaking in an herbal pastime in the middle of the day.

    18. B O A, "Right Place Right Time"

    B O A / Via Facebook: rsvpBOA

    "Right Place Right Time" casts a spell over your sun-induced haze with lush melodies and captivating lyrics.

    Spring Break Vibes: holding hands at midnight.

    19. Mura Masa, "What If I Go?"

    Mura Masa / Facebook / Via Facebook: MuramasaMusic

    A complex, layered love song that gets away with being a certified banger.

    Spring Break Vibes: prepping for yet another summer love.