13 Signs It’s Time To Sneak Out For Lunch

You’re probably working too hard already. Sometimes you have to treat yourself, whether or not your “boss” thinks it’s “appropriate.” Here are 13 sure-fire signs that it’s time to deploy your official Applebee’s Industrial Strength Lunch Decoy.

1. When the intern emails you with some “cool new ideas”

2. When you get stuck with the “fun boss”


3. When your computer can’t even be bothered to help

4. Or, conversely, when your computer gets a little too up-in-your-business

Dan Brickley / Via Flickr: 35468151816@N01

5. Or when technology in general just decides to phone it in.

6. When the office kitchen is a little out of control

7. When the work starts piling up

Johner Royalty-Free / Getty Images

8. When your new office-mate is a little much

Ari Voukydis

10. When your stressed-out coworker couldn’t find a sitter

Media for Medical / Getty Images

11. When the new intern brewed the coffee

Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

12. When that improv troupe shows up to lead a “team-building workshop”

Heather / Via Flickr: 24872789@N00

13. …and you know it’s just gonna be an hour of name-games and trust falls

Inspired by the Applebee’s Industrial Strength Lunch Decoy

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