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    Egypt's Green Laser Pointer Revolution

    While Egypt's military ousted President Morsi, thousands of Egyptians were shining green laser pointers not out of rage but in celebration.

    Egyptians point green laser pointers at a protester in Cairo

    Laser pointers pointed at a military helicopter during protests in Egypt.

    Much has been written about protesters attempting to distract a helicopter's pilot by pointing hundreds of green laser pointers at it. But it would seem that they were not trying to distract the pilot. The practice is merely a form of celebration as one Egyptian pointed out in a Daily Mail comment:

    Here in Egypt many people use these small laser pointers as a way of cheering for the crowds.. It's just a way of showing "hey, the protests are here.." And no one was trying to put any helicopters down.. the military helicopters were trying to express to the people that we are here up in the air to protect you and support you and the protesters were pointing laser and saying "we see you, thank you for your support"... the helicopters were also distributing flags to the people to use them in their protests..! the spirits here are very high..!!
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