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What Its Like Living In A Suite With Multiple Other Girls In College

"When do you want to get dinner?"

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1. When Your Suitemate Brings Back a Guy and She Didn't Tell You

2. When You Bring Back a Guy to the Suite

3. When All of Your Suitemates Finish Classes on a Friday

4. Your Suitemates Will Constantly Ask You For Food


"Joey doesn't share food!"

5. Grocery Shopping is an Experience Because You Come Out With Enough Food to Feed a Country

6. Sometimes Your Suitemate Is an Angel and Offers to Share Her Food

7. Sometimes Your Suitemate Will Say Something So Stupid You Just Have to Walk Away

8. Sometimes Your Suitemate Will Have a Bad Day But It Will Bring You Two Closer

9. You'll Always Have Someone to Party With on the Weekends

10. You'll Always Have Someone to Talk to About Your Boy Problems

11. The Amount of Hair You Will Find on the Ground Will Disgust You

12. Things Will Start to Get Disgusting in the Bathroom

13. You and Your Suitemates Have the Same Opinions About People


14. It Can Be a Struggle Trying to Get Your Suitemate's Attention When They're Watching Their Show

15. You and Your Suitemates Will Binge Watch an Unhealthy Amount of Television Together

16. There Will Always Be Someone to Watch a Scary Movie With

17. Every Now and Then You'll Venture Somewhere Without Your Suitemates and You'll be Lonely

18. People Will Often Hate On Your Closeness With Them but Don't Listen to Them


~Suitemates Forever~

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