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    The Stages Of Seeing Your Best Friend You Haven't Seen In A Long Time

    It's the best day of the year.

    You've been in constant communication but now you both are free to finally see each other.

    The day before you see them drags because you're too excited.

    Finally the day arrives and you're so excited you can barely contain yourself.

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    Then the moment happens when you finally see each other and there's running, jumping, and squealing.

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    When you first see each other you only comment on how pretty the other one is or proclaim that they lost weight.

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    You start spilling about your life like the chapter synopses on Sparknotes.

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    You're dying to learn everything that has happened in their life in the time you haven't been together.

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    You're completely enthralled by details of their sex life, or lack thereof.

    That's because you know they'll never judge you and you'll never judge them.

    You start talking about the past and bringing up past inside jokes that are still hysterical to this day.

    Now that you've shared details of your own life you begin talking about your other friend's lives and catching up with them.

    You start to share what your dreams of the future now are if they've changed since the last time you were together.

    And of course you absolutely have to make sure you get a picture together so people know you've been reunited.

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