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Literally Just 18 Hilarious Tweets About Easter

This is sure to be egg-celent.

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1. This guy who proved Easter is best spent helping family.

My fav Easter egg hunt was when dad was on house arrest and we cleaned the beer bottles off the lawn before his probation officer showed up

Via Twitter: @Hadzilla

2. This poor girl who is lacking all of the necessary equipment.

I want to dye some Easter eggs but I don't have any eggs, dye, paint, stickers, glitter, stamps, religion, stencils, etc.

Via Twitter: @PeachCoffin

3. I mean she's not wrong on this observation.

There's no such thing as a non-terrifying Easter bunny costume.

Via Twitter: @kimholcomb

4. This guy who pointed out that Jesus sure did accomplish quite a bit in the four months he was alive.

can't believe Jesus was born on Christmas and died on Easter, what are the odds? still, he accomplished a lot for a four month year old.

Via Twitter: @davedittell

5. This guy who has a son who clearly has a different form of humor.

That moment when your 14 yr old son hides Easter eggs in a thorn bush and the kids go from singing happy songs to screaming "WHY GOD WHY!?"

Via Twitter: @BartMillard

6. This guy who takes DIY Easter to a whole new level.

Easter eggs are really expensive. So I've made these for the kids on Sunday. Saved a fortune

Via Twitter: @joeheenan

7. When Josh gave us all a new Easter tradition to look forward to.

Goodnight, hope the Easter bunny leaves an uncooked egg under my pillow like always

Via Twitter: @joshgroban

8. When Neil Degrasse Tyson ruins children's Easter egg hunts.

kids on a lawn finding easter eggs neil degrasse tyson leans out of the bush and whispers "rabbits don't REALLY lay eggs"

Via Twitter: @SamSykesSwears

9. When children clearly had their priorities straight.

My kids are ecstatic to look for Easter eggs for three hours, but they won't help me look for my car keys for even 30 seconds.

Via Twitter: @Cheeseboy22

10. When Zach Braff was only just a little bitter.

I rise from the dead every morning; no one looks for eggs.

Via Twitter: @zachbraff

11. Attention all drug dealers this Easter weekend:

attention all drugs dealers please put all dimebag sales in little easter eggs this weekend

Via Twitter: @staygxId

12. When this girl decided to take fashion into her own hands.

so far no one has commented on the fact that my Easter bonnet is just an orange traffic cone

Via Twitter: @IamEnidColeslaw

13. When this cartoon showed us that Easter eggs have no shame in throwing shade.

Via Twitter: @bonbon823

14. When Chelsea Handler proposed a plan for everyone not celebrating Easter.

It's Easter weekend, which for Jews means , it's time to go to Mexico.

Via Twitter: @chelseahandler

15. When this girl devised a plan for any adult celebrating Easter with no children.

Would it be weird if I hid Easter eggs then pretended to be excited when I found them

Via Twitter: @awonderdj

16. When this guy saw an opportunity and took it.

You wouldn't believe all of the Easter eggs I just found lying in the grass outside of this pre-school.

Via Twitter: @simoncholland

17. When this girl only wanted to embrace the positivity in her life.

if you think you're too old to color easter eggs please get away from me because i don't need that kind of negativity in my life

Via Twitter: @telepooptation

18. And when Ricky Gervais only got a few things confused.

Enjoy your Easter eggs but don't forget the true meaning behind it all. It's because Humpty Dumpty died for our sins. Or something like that

Via Twitter: @rickygervais

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