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A Herd Of Buffalo Escaped In Upstate New York And It Was Hysterical

New York is not supposed to be the home where the buffalo roam.

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15 bison escaped a farm (that has been raising buffalo for their meat since 1973) in the hopes of reaching safety.

To get to "safety" these buffalo swam across the Hudson river and into the residential town of Bethlehem where they wandered across yards and near schools.

These courageous buffaloes then wandered across a busy stretch of Interstate 87 and from there wandered into the neighboring town of Coeymans.


Gotta give these buffalo some credit, they traveled over 10 miles before they were stopped!

Unfortunately, buffalo can be vicious creatures and police felt the situation was quickly becoming dangerous so the farm hired three hunters who were ordered to shoot the buffalo.

This decision was made after experts agreed that tranquilizers would not be effective and that no portable corrals or trailers would be able to hold the animals.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple stressed that "The last thing we wanted to do was put these animals down, but it wasn't a safe scene."

These strong animals charged through a fence, swam across a river, ran through people's backyards, and crossed a major highway, all with people taking pictures and police pursuing them.

RIP buffalo you had a great ride while it lasted.

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