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    16 Minion DIY Projects You Won't Believe Exist

    Take your Minion obsession to the next level.

    1. This Minion Themed Party

    2. This Pencil Topper

    3. These Clothespin Minions For All Your Hanging Needs

    4. These Minion Mason Jars

    5. This Banana Minion

    6. This Minion Phone Cover

    7. These Twinkies

    8. For The Kid Trapped In An Adult's Body

    9. Share Your Minion Obsession With Your Neighbors

    10. This Minion Pillow

    11. These Popcorn Boxes

    12. This Minion Lantern

    13. These Marshmallow Pops

    14. These Paper Minions

    15. This Batman Minion

    16. These Minion Shirts

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