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    15 Things That Happen When You Can't Find A Summer Job

    "Are you hiring? Yes, no, maybe so?"

    1. You decide to start early, confidence brimming.

    2. In this early stage of the game you're still fairly naive when looking at all the job postings online.

    3. So you send out some emails to possible employers with confidence.

    4. And then those emails get ignored and you're left in the dark.

    5. So summer rolls around and there are still no job prospects, so you start searching through random websites that have job postings.

    6. You become angered whenever you see that "experience is required."

    7. You start asking everyone you know if they know of any job openings.

    8. At this point you're desperate so you start looking at unpaid internships.

    9. You've written so many cover letters at this point that you don't know what real life is anymore.

    10. By some miracle you're able to scrape together a few job interviews.

    11. Most of the interviews go well (you believe) but then you never hear back from them.

    12. You die a little inside every time you get a rejection letter.

    13. Parents and friends start questioning why you haven't been able to find a job yet.

    14. You tell yourself that you'll do random landscaping jobs and babysit many children.

    15. You start telling yourself that taking the summer off might not be so terrible after all — that is, until you realize that you're broke and everything is expensive.