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    12 Ideas On How To Throw A "Talk Derby To Me" Party

    Because the Kentucky Derby only comes once a year.

    1. Host the party outdoors.


    Maybe by a garden if you're feeling extra fancy.

    2. Use a trophy as a vase.

    3. Use the nickname "the Run for the Roses" as some inspiration.

    4. You can never go wrong with banners.


    Especially if they're gold.

    5. Or create a garland of equestrian ribbons.


    Seriously how cute is that.

    6. Serve these apple pastries shaped like roses.


    Come on these are adorable, you can find the recipe here.

    7. And don't forget the drinks, if you're 21 or older that is.


    Try these Kentucky mimosas, recipe here.

    8. And you could never go wrong with mint julips.


    If you're 21 or over, find the recipe here.

    9. Don't forget the hats.


    10. Get creative with the invites.


    They're so much better than texting the invite.

    11. You can never go wrong with a photobooth.

    12. Just don't forget the props.

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