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9 Amazing Computer Games From Your Childhood

Putt-Putt! Jump*Start! The Zoombinis! Lego Island! These CD-ROMs were the best the '90s had to offer.

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1. Pajama Sam

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The hero inside all of us. With a red cape, a teal face and a heart full of gold, Pajama Sam took on some of his biggest fears - darkness and scary weather. Along the way, he rode mine cars, talked to talking boats, carrots and doors, and CONFRONTED THE PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT OF DARKNESS to overcome his phobia. He's like Batman, but cooler.

2. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis


"MAKE ME A PIZZA!" Sure, crazy tree stump pizza troll man, will do. With their droopy eyes, the Zoombinis often looked blue in more ways than one when trying to solve these frustrating logic puzzles. But YOU were happy, and that's what matters. Crossing bridges, putting ice cream on pizzas, using bubble-machines and tossing mudballs - all in a day's work for your crew of Zoombinis.

3. Lego Island


Zoombinis may be famous for its big pizza scene, but the plot of Lego Island revolves ENTIRELY around pizza. You play as Pepper Roni - a great skateboarder, super cool kid, and the island's delivery boy. And The Pizzeria is literally the only place to eat on the island. So that's a big job. When he delivers to the jail cell of The Brickster, the criminal breaks out (using the HEAT FROM THE PIZZA. What?) and it's up to Pepper to catch him. By the end, you're chasing The Brickster on his motorcycle, firing pizzas from a helicopter. And once Pepper catches him, what does he do?

4. Spy Fox


The Places: A Greek Island. The World's Fair. The Ozone Layer.

The Villains: William The Kid. Napoleon LeRoach. Poodles Galore.

The Results: Spy Fox saves the dairy world. Spy Fox saves the World's Fair. Spy Fox saves the ENTIRE WORLD.

What a hero. So smooth. So sly. Like a fox. Like a sly fox. Spy Fox.

5. Jump*Start


Jump*Start games sometimes got a bad rap because they were so clearly labeled as "educational software." And yes, the games did focus on math and reading skills. But that doesn't mean they weren't awesome. Just look at that dog's cute face. And that apple magically floating on his backpack! Seriously though, how is that happening.

6. Putt-Putt


Putt-Putt is probably the world's most accomplished car. He has traveled through time. He has saved the zoo. He has GONE TO THE MOON. Even better, he's just a nice guy, coming from humble beginnings - his first big adventure was "joining the parade." Not exactly too hard for a good-looking purple car with a glistening smile. But from there, he worked his way up. All the way to the moon. And you got to drive.

7. Roller Coaster Tycoon


Look at you. You've done it. You built the perfect amusement park. The rides are fun, business is booming, the park is crowded every day. All because of you. The Tycoon.

Except wait - that never happened, because you were too busy murdering your customers.

8. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?


Honestly, I still have no idea where she is. I'm guessing London, since Big Ben is on the cover? Spoiler Alert?

Anyway, this game was innovative, with interactive ways to evaluate suspects, travel to different countries, and do super advanced detective stuff (it was so cool to click the "warrant" button - even though you had no clue what it actually meant).

9. Freddi Fish


Speaking of detectives, Freddi Fish has solved SO MANY MYSTERIES: Missing kelp seeds, a haunted schoolhouse, a stolen conch shell. And she never gets flustered, even when you barely have any clues stored in your little clue bubbles at the bottom of the screen. She always stays calm and gets the case solved. Plus, she knows so many cool secret ocean hangout spots, like the hidden nightclub under the waterfall! A good friend to have when you're living underwater. Luther is a lucky guy.

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