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30 Reasons Why We Will Always Be Crazy For Patrick Swayze

The great Swayze would have celebrated his 62nd birthday this week.

1. Swayze was as versatile an actor as he was a dancer.

2. One minute he could be totally seductive...

3. ...and the next minute he might be punching your lights out. But only if you were a bad guy and totally deserved it anyway.

4. Seriously, the guy could handle some serious pain.

5. He was never willing to put up with any crap.

6. Maybe because he was such a Zen master?

7. And an incredible surfer, always looking for the next big wave.

8. He was always hobnobbing with other great celebrities...

9. ...and his hair was always perfectly coiffed.

10. He was world-renowned for his sexiness.

11. Honestly, sometimes his beauty was pretty hard to handle.

12. I mean, those LEGS!

13. But even though he was loved by many, his heart beat only for you.

14. He was so cute he could make you do some crazy things just to be near him.

15. And his beauty would unnerve you so much that you would find yourself saying embarrassing things in his presence.

16. But then he would show you his dirty dance moves, and you'd be hooked.

17. He inspired you to bust out your own best dance moves.

18. Probably because he was so good himself.

19. I mean, really good.

20. But dancing wasn't the only thing he was really good at. He was also quite good at lifting things.

21. And swimming. He was very good at swimming.

22. He was also quite skilled when it came to arts and crafts.

23. And he was very good at impersonations, especially when it came to presidents.

24. His career even spawned this beautiful tribute.

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Starring Channing Tatum and Charlyne Yi. One month Swayze's eating Jujubes to keep alive, the next he's got ladies stuffing diamonds in his pockets.

25. And this one.

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Starring Reno 911 and Human Giant.

26. But the one thing he excelled at most, undoubtedly, was romancing you to the sweet melodies of Otis Redding.

27. Yes, this happened on numerous occasions.

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Sometimes, Otis Redding is all you need to get the job (of romance) done.

28. But he always respected your need for boundaries and space.

29. He'd even let his sexy silver-fox friend dance with you in a diner.

30. But the one thing he would never, ever, ever do is let anybody put you in a corner.

Happy birthday Mr. Swayze, wherever you are!