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    • anuja2

      I am sorry but if being a feminist means that you can’t recognise real feminist and rally behind the utopian idea of awareness through international media then I thank god I am not one . Because for me it’s standing in the front line to protest against a rape case for starters . A women who doesn’t even vote in this country and hasn’t even lift her left finger to do something about the situation ,doesn’t have the right to speak about the condition of women in my nation or for any nation for that matter . If you want to criticise then come live in this country help them, feel their pain , make a difference and if then change doesn’t happen then go on criticise all you want but until then you have no right to speak at all . And as far as the question goes of what she could have done well give me them voice by attending any of the countless judicial hearing for women cases , fund raising , small donations and taking part in demonstrations is just the tip of the iceberg

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