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24 Things Teachers Never Want To Hear From Parents

Let me do my job please.

1. "He doesn't do this at home."

2. "I spoke to the principal about how you failed half the class on the last test and he said I had to take the matter up with you first."

3. “His old teacher didn't make his students do that.”

4. "My son is acting up because he's bored."

5. “She is picking on my daughter. I want her punished now!”

6. "My child would never lie."

7. "We're going on vacation for a week. Can you put together a packet of my daughter's work so she doesn't fall behind?"

8. “I wrote a letter to the superintendent detailing all the issues I have with you, and I’m going to read it at the next school board meeting.”

9. "My son wet himself because he said you wouldn't let him go to the bathroom."

10. “I tried that. It doesn’t work.”

11. “This homework is too hard.”

12. "My son says you don't give him enough time to finish his tests. I'd like to hear your side of the story."

13. "The work is too easy for him."

14. “You give too much homework!”

15. "My son has had so many after-school activities lately, he couldn't finish the reading."

16. "Why did you give my son this grade?"

17. "My daughter and her friends don't speak to her because she's not in their group anymore. That's not bullying; they have a right to choose their friends."

18. “I know I agreed to chaperone the trip, but something came up.”

19. "I told my son if someone hits him, hit them back."

20. "Call me every day to give me an update on her progress."

21. "Are you sure you graded that correctly?"

22. "He would never do that."

23. "I swear she knows it. You can test her again right now."

24. "I can't come to the parent-teacher conference."