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    12 Pieces Of Art That Will Change The Way You Look At Emojis

    A preview of "The Emoji Art & Design Show" at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center.

    Fahad Alhunaif and pdpd
    Genie Alfonso
    Carla Gannis

    The organizers of the "Emoji Art & Design Show" say the show aims to examine "the emoji zeitgeist." Through an open call, 22 artists were selected to present emoji inspired works that present "a wide range of mediums from digital prints, sculptures, video and performance art, tackling themes such as emotional ambiguity, symbology, and visual communication."

    1. "Shift Key" by Maya Ben Ezer

    Maya Ben Ezer

    2. "Emojis" by Kyle M.F. Williams

    Kyle http://M.F. Williams

    3. "Emojinal Art" by Genie Alfonzo

    Genie Alfonzo

    4. "Chromat Bustier" by Becca McCharen

    Becca McCharen

    5. "Cement Piece 2" by Arkadiy Ryabin

    Arkadiy Ryabin

    6. "Untitled" by Ibon Mainar

    Ibon Mainar

    7. "The Emoji Autism Spectrum" by Genevieve Belleveau

    Genevieve Belleveau

    8. "The Garden of Emoji" by Carla Gannis

    Carla Gannis

    9. "Transiconmorphosis" by Emilio Vavarella and Fito Segrera

    Emilio Vavarella and Fito Segrera

    10. "Emoji Tracker" by Matthew Rothenberg

    Matthew Rothenberg

    11. "Emoji Wallpaper" by Zoe Burnett

    Zoe Burnett

    12. "Emojinal 2" by Fahad Alhunaif

    Fahad Alhunaif

    "Emoji Art & Design Show" is showing from Dec. 12 through Dec. 14 at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center, 540 West 21st St.; (212) 937-6580.